About Us

Committed to Continuous Product Development

Cable-Lock Connectors specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision electronic connectors and adaptors for CATV and the OEM industry. We offer a range of services for customers who have need for expertise in products design, custom manufacture of screw machine products. Our Engineering Department will work with you to develop a custom new solution and design for your application.

The Beginning

Cable-Lock started out in 1969 in Toronto, Canada, as a designer of electronic connectors for the expanding cable communications market. In the beginning, manufacturing operations on screw machines were outsourced while assembly operations were performed within the main plant.

Design & Manufacturing Capability

Eventually in the mid-1980s Cable-Lock moved to larger facilities and purchased large scale machines to manufacture components in-house. One objective was increased control of the manufacturing process, including timely response to customer orders and in-process inspection and testing. Design control during product development was achieved with the purchase of CNC machinery dedicated for prototyping of new products.

Again the company expanded and moved in the early 1990s to an ideal location in a prominent business park within minutes of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Canada. The new plant was modeled as a clean, organized and efficient operation.

Why Use Our Services

Leading development and manufacturing of electronic RF connectors

Growing Business

We are growing our offering, products and capabilities daily to serve you better.

Top Quality

Our products and manufacturing services produce high quality to fit your business needs.

Cost Effective

Our products and services are well priced ensuring you can be more competitive within your industry.

Our Leadership

Our staff of engineers and certified professionals work to develop state of the art connectors and adapters.

Waseem Botros, P.Eng. PMP

President and CEO

Waseem is a Canadian professional who is highly recognized and has worked in many organizations globally. He is the president and CEO of a number of organizations that operate globally as well as a couple of not-for-profit organizations.

He is a certified Professional Engineer as well as a Project Management Professional for many years now.

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